Lesson Planning with SIOP: A Theoretical Base (Benchmark Assessment)

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The lesson I have chosen to present is one that compares and contrasts cats and dogs and is directed to a class of 3rd grade English learners (ELs). I have used a Venn diagram and applied the information from my SIOP Lesson Plan to provide me the foundation needed to present a well-organized and educational presentation. The presentation is aligned to both the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Standards (INTASC) and the Arizona Professional Teacher’s Standards (APTS). The lesson plan applies implementation of both content and language objectives, provides hands-on experiences, and provides me with a variety of resources and materials all of which are necessary to effectively assist me in achieving my goal of teaching ELs to…show more content…
The use of these instructional materials will allow for meaningful instruction for the varying levels and proficiencies of students (APTS 1.8, INTACT 1.3). Furthermore, it puts to use the concept of INTASC 1.5, which is to use an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. By choosing more challenging materials, I can apply the Input Hypothesis that Krashen has developed pertaining to comprehensible input. Comprehensible input (CI) refers to the spoken and written input that is necessary for someone to learn a language. For instance, comprehensible input can be gotten from reading passage, listening to an audio, or viewing a video. This hypothesis theorizes that language is acquired by both formal and informal exposure to language through comprehensible input. Comprehensible input is slightly beyond that of the current level of competence of the language learner. So, if the language learner’s current level of competence in the new language is i, then i+1 is the next immediate step along the development continuum. Therefore, if the goal is to assist the language learner progress in their task, it is essential to provide the student/learner with comprehensible input [i +1] (Cortes, K., 2010). Furthermore, the Input Hypothesis makes the following claim: a necessary (but not sufficient) condition to move from stage “i” to stage “i+1” is that acquirers understanding input that

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