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Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan

I- Objectives:
At the end of 40 minutes 38 out of 42 First year students of section Sampaguita will be able to: a.) define the exact meaning of verb, b.) identify the verb with the help of cut out pictures, and c.) determine the kinds of verbs.

II- Subject Matter:

Topic: Recognizing Verbs Reference: Smart English Book Author: Josefina G. San Miguel pages: 78-79
Materials: cut out pictures Manila paper marker or chalk

III- Procedure:

A. Routinely Matters

1. Prayer 2. Attendance
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One- syllable adjectives Two- or more-syllable Adjectives poor intelligent rich beautiful kind expensive attractive delicious popular
Give the comparative and superlative forms of the words poor, rich, and kind.
 Realization that –er and –est cannot be applied to show the comparative and superlative form of adjectives with two or more syllables.
Presentation of the Subject Matter.

5. Discussion
Giving a set of sentences.

Sandra is beautiful. She is more beautiful than Amy. She is the most beautiful girl in school.

 Observing the first sentence. Determine the adjective and in what form does it belong.
 Observing the second sentence. Identify the words that are added to the second sentence compared to the first sentence. Asking the pupils as to what form the adjective of sentence # 2 does belongs.
 The word more is added to adjectives with two or more syllables if it is only comparing to two things.
 Observing the third sentence. Identify the words that are added to the

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