Lesson of Using Prior Knowledge and Experiences to Become a Better Reader

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Students will use prior knowledge of story structure and identifying climactic events within the text to identify why something happens and what it is a result of.
Future Learning Students will be able to correctly determine the cause and effect of events that take place both in real life and in fictional literature.
Lesson Goal or Objective Students will identify and describe specific causes within a fictional text.
Group Size 23
Grouping Strategies Whole Group/ Independent
Procedure/Instructional Strategies
Prior to Class
1. Read Why Do You Cry?: Not a Sob Story by Kate Klise. Develop post-it notes throughout the book denoting the causes and effects in the story.
2. Make a two-column chart showing Cause in the first column and
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2. Pass out the Independent Practice Worksheets.
3. Ask students to write the causes for the effects from the book Why Do You Cry?: Not a Sob Story by Kate Klise.
Story and Discussion, Independent Practice
For students that may have difficulty recalling events from the story in order to complete the Independent Practice Worksheet, those students may revisit the text to find specific examples.
As an extension or to build background knowledge after reading the book, tell the students another reason why people cry that is not in the book---they are cutting onions. When you cut an onion, it releases oil that can get in your eye and irritate or bother your tear glands. Your tear glands produce tears, so you can cry, even if you are not sad. You can avoid crying while cutting an onion by putting the onion under water while you are cutting it so the oil does not get to your eyes.
Materials and Resources Chart paper, markers, Independent Practice Worksheet, Why Do You Cry?: Not a Sob Story by Kate Klise
Essential Questions What causes people to cry?
Formative Assessment Ask students to describe a real life example of a cause and effect similar to the example given: I was able to move on to the next math fact because I passed my time test. The effect is getting to move on to the next math fact and the cause is because I passed my time test.
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