Lessons From Friendship in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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Adventure, love, and knowledge can all be found in this diverse book. Along with the appeal to different genres, Great Expectations teaches countless life lessons on several topics. Dickens presents friendship as one of the major themes in his novel. True friendship displays itself through words. Pip lived quite an unfortunate childhood. Loosing several siblings, both his parents, and being forced to live with his cruel sister all played a role in his sad childhood. But from the start of his young life, his sister’s husband, Joe, always cared for the boy. “'And bring the poor little child. God bless the poor little child,' I said to your sister, 'there's room for him at the forge.’”(7.3) When Joe married Mrs. Joe, he gladly invites little Pip to also come and live in his household. From the very beginning Joe exhibits true friendship towards Pip. He words exemplified that he truly cared about the child’s well-being. Not only does a true friendship prove itself with words, but actions speak volumes as well. A perfect example of this is displayed through Joe paying off Pip’s debts. While he was in the city of London becoming a gentleman, Pip spent too much money and owed several people money he no longer had. Furthermore, Pip had not sent one word to Joe since he had arrived in London. But as soon as Joe heard Pip was in trouble, he came and paid the…
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