Lessons From The Classroom Environment And The Student 's Learning Styles

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1. During the implementation of this unit plan I followed and met all of Danielson’s framework domains almost every day. The lessons within the unit were very thought out and I planned then re-planned the unit because I realized that some lessons would not be enough and some lessons would be too much for kindergarteners to complete at one time. I also wrote out a timeline of how I would teach the lessons and had my cooperating teacher look over the timeline to help me ensure the layout of the lessons were appropriate. When planning my instruction I took the classroom environment and the student’s learning styles into a lot of consideration. I thought about the lessons and incorporated different learning styles so I would be reaching all…show more content…
2. The most successful activity was the 2nd lesson where the students and I made an anchor chart together about the 3D shapes. This lesson was successful because the students already got to work with the shape manipulatives but the students didn’t know specifics about the shapes so the students were learning as we made the anchor chart but I also used the manipulatives they explored with the day before while writing the chart. I would pass around the manipulatives and we would have a conversation about the shapes. Then to show the faces I placed sticky notes on the faces of the shapes and I drew faces onto the sticky notes, then we counted how many faces each shape had. This made the learning memorable for the students because it was visible and fun. Then to show a real life object that is the 3D shape I taped actual objects onto the chart and the students thought this was awesome. It also helped those students later on when they needed to find 3D shapes of their own within the classroom and at home. The most unsuccessful lesson I taught would have been the lesson where we looked at objects that are shaped like 3D shapes. I did not have enough time planned for the lesson (it took longer than I thought) and so I had to rush the students into finding 3D shapes in the classroom, and the students were getting frustrated. Also, not a lot of the students brought in objects from
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