Lessons I Learned For Myself

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Lessons I Learned for Myself. For the first time in my life, I became aware of how I use my voice and body to deliver a certain message to an audience. This awareness came to me during my first professional voice class. With Antonio’s help, I became able to identify parts of my body that tighten up my movements and have a significant impact on my voice. During class exercises, I noticed that I have a tendency to lean my knees back and tense belly muscles. These habits do not let me free my voice and make it sound unnatural. After reading Patsy Rodenburg’s book The Right to Speak I would describe my voice as habitual because it is encrusted with restrictive tendencies, which I refer to as habits (Rodenburg, 19). I feel that I was constantly pushed into adopting habits throughout my life in order to reach the perfection that does not even exist. Habits enforced by myself, culture, and parents became barriers to my voice. This class taught me that in order to thrive in everything I say, I should eliminate habitual voice and free my natural voice. What I got out of our classes I remember how our first class started with a generosity game. To be honest, at first, I had no idea what was the purpose of this game. I did not understand what generosity has to do with my voice. I considered myself generous in actions because I was always willing to share with people. But it turned out that I lacked generosity in my speech. I lacked generosity in emotions, information, and honesty.
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