Lessons Learned Through My Husband's Depolyment

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Helene Hackett-Condreay Lessons Learned Throughout My Husband's Deployment He wore blue jean shorts, a red, white and blue striped polo style shirt, and a pair of white Nike tennis shoes when he strolled into the leasing office at Pebble Creek Apartments. At six feet, six inches tall, he towered over me as I rose from the table where I had just signed my lease for my new apartment. As I looked into his smiling hazel eyes, he told me his name was Blaine Condreay. I knew instantly he was my destiny. I was a divorced, single mother of two young children who were the center of my life. He was a police officer, a soldier in the Oklahoma Army National Guard, and the Courtesy Patrol Officer at Pebble Creek Apartments; he was…show more content…
My friendships became more solid and more appreciated than ever before. The friends who reached out to me during Blaine's absence helped me to stay busy and kept my mind off the worry that comes from having a husband in a war zone. Blaine's friends emailed or called weekly to see how he was doing and asked if they could help me in any way. Reflecting on the many ways friends came to my aid and anticipated needs I didn't realize I had, taught me the important learning experience of the true meaning of friendship. Having grown up in a very spiritual household, I had always had great faith in a higher power; however, through Blaine's deployment I learned to have faith in my husband's ability to perform his duties extremely well which was an important learning experience. Blaine's job in the military as a Medical Evacuation Crew Chief was an extremely dangerous one. While most people were fleeing from danger, he and his crew were flying directly into it. Rescuing and evacuating wounded soldiers from the battlefield meant he flew and landed in unsafe areas, surrounded by the enemy, and his aircraft often drew unfriendly fire. Blaine had always been honest with me about the dangers of his job and through telephone conversations with him, I learned he and his crew had many close calls during missions. I prayed daily for the safety of my husband, his crew and all the men and women who had deployed with him. Prayer comforted me

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