Lessons Learned from the American Experience in Vietnam Essay

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Lessons Learned from the American Experience in Vietnam DeVry University HUMN415: Vietnam and the 20th Century Experience Spring A 2010 Lessons Learned from the American Experience in Vietnam The Vietnam War was a war that seems to have thought the American Military and Government officials a lot about diplomatic negotiations, presidential leadership, and cultural/social contexts. Each American involved most likely has a different story to tell about the War from the ground soldiers all the way up to the President. Each American most likely has varied options about the lessons learned from the Vietnam War. I will discuss what I feel we Americans have learned. Including the good, the bad, and they ugly related to diplomatic…show more content…
Johnson and his advisors did what they thought Kennedy would have done and increased American forces to aid in the Vietnam conflict although Johnson remained reluctant (Moss, 2010 p.122). The critical military questions were how much U.S. assistance was enough and what form it should take (Anderson, 1999). Johnson appointed one of the army's most distinguished officers, Gen. William C. Westmoreland, as commander U.S. MACV. Westmoreland immediately asked for more men, and by the end of 1964 U.S. personnel in the South exceeded 23,000 (Anderson, 1999). Johnson and his administration remained persistent in their advances to stop the spread of communism. The war continued with ground and air attacks with many deaths from both sides. However, the Vietcong remained in power throughout many areas of South Vietnam. The war continued to be a stalemate with continued fighting and over 485,600 U.S. troops in Vietnam without much advancement (Anderson, 1999). Many other nations including Poland and Great Britain, offered proposals intended to facilitate negotiations (Anderson, 1999). These formulas typically called upon the United States and DRV to coordinate mutual reduction of their military activities in South Vietnam, both sides firmly resisted even interim compromises with the other (Anderson, 1999). Finally in 1969 president Johnson came to the conclusion that the war efforts in South Vietnam where to great and a de-escalation started.

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