Lessons Learnt From the Great Depression and Progressive Era

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The Great Depression of 20th century American occurred in 1929 and the more intense short-term effects lasted up and through World War II. The paper will scrutinize specific events of this period providing insight, elaboration, and analysis. One major turning point during this period of American history was the significant changes happening in the American population. Reconstruction was over; the country began its attempts at a stoic integration. Yet during this period, numerous American blacks migrated around the country. Many moved into urban areas on the coast and the Midwest. African American flourished for the first time out from under formalized, institutional slavery and the Harlem Renaissance ensued during this period. In addition to the migration of American blacks, during this period, millions of people immigrated into the United States of America, many of whom entered the country via Ellis Island in New York City. Over five million people from all over the world, but with particular concentrations from Europe and Asia, moved into the country and changed the demographics of the country in ways that are evident in the 21st century.
The Progressive Era was a period…
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