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Lessons Learnt Report First National Bank, Ohio MIS Project Management CONTENT Title Page 1. INTRODUCTION 3 2. SUMMARY 4-5 3. STAKEHOLDERS 6-7 4. FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUTED TO FAILURE 8 5. MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGY 9-11 6. PROJECT COST MANAGEMENT 12-14 7. RECOMMENDATIONS 15-17 8. CONCLUSION 18 I. BIBLIOGRAPHY & REFERENCES 19 1. INTRODUCTION The following document is a comprehensive ‘Lessons LearntReport’ on the First National Bank of Ohio’s MIS Project. This report was compiled by a team of professional project managers and gives an objective insight to the project in full. Throughout this entire report we will describe the lack of proper planning and…show more content…
Since the process was re-structured, ISD now lead projects related to Information Development. This ensures that the project is assessed from all perspectives of the business and not a specific single divisional viewpoint. The project sponsor (John Hart) had extensive industry experience and had identified the need for a corporate marketing database to target the corporate customers who brought in the majority of the revenue and profit for FNB. This new database was proposed in order to consolidate information from three different banking divisions – Jim Gunn was appointed as project manager as he was the most experienced PM available and had a track record of managing successful projects previously. This project had an overall goal of creating a computerised Corporate Database system to speed up the processing of corporate customer transactions. This project was ranked as priority number one after passing through the priorities committee. 3. STAKEHOLDERS One of the key factors contributing to a projects success is identifying the correct key stakeholders early in the project process and engaging with them to draw on their knowledge.There are different types of stakeholders in projects and evaluating their characteristics and managing their interrelationships appropriately have a strong impact on the project success. (Celar S; Turic M; Vickovic L (2010)). First National Bank stakeholders have been identified as: John Hart was designated as the

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