Lessons Plans Promoting a Diverse Learning Environment

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With the concept of multicultural education programs becoming more popular, educators are seeking new ways to present diversity into their school community, classrooms, and lesson plans. According to Birkel (2000), multicultural education is, first of all, education concerned with the teaching/learning processes and the acceptance and appreciation of diversity. Culturally relevant teaching practices give students the opportunity to learn in ways that are affirming, validating, and connected to their interests and backgrounds (Ladson-Billings, 1994). Effective lesson plans need to be designed objectively with consideration to all learners and their various differences. Educators that have developed an appreciation for diversity…show more content…
• Explain that each group is expected to present a collage to illustrate their understanding of the various cultures within their project. Participants from each group will take turns sharing what they have learned. Activities/Procedures: Time: 60 minutes. Students divided into four groups. • Begin by asking students to briefly reflect and share with each other what they have learned on American history. Discuss philosophies, responsibilities, and progress that have taken place throughout history. • Have students share the reasons various groups have come to America. Have them note the differences among Americans, while pointing out the important things American people share. • Students will compare the American family of 318,000,000 citizens to their own families. Point out that just as each of them are an integral part of their own families, each citizen is a vital member of the American family. Furthermore, like individual family members drawing strength from one another, citizens must gather strength from, and respect differences of, other citizens to help improve our nation. • Students will work in groups to create collages titled, “Many people, One America” Remind students to include images and symbols that represent the diversity of many people living together as “One America”. • Students present their collages to the class when they are finished. Follow Up: Following the in class
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