Lessons from Thirty Years Practicing Yoga

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Since childhood I have been obsessed with the mystery that surrounds yoga. Growing up in a stereotypical,1970’s Southern California beach town I was accustom to seeing people practice yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi near the ocean and in local parks. Watching them float peacefully and happily through their routines I knew that there was something special about what they were doing. Amongst my childhood possession are two purchases from the school’s book fair. My choices in 1976 were a copy of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse and Lilas, Yoga and You by Lilias Folan. I’m sure my parents thought this was just a phase. Ironically, my mother was a “country club” yogi - yoga practice minus the philosophy. She practiced yoga to relieve the stress that tennis and running left on her body. I watched her stretch, stand on her head, and do backbends. I’d follow along side and try to out do her by throwing in the splits. I guess you can say I grew up as a yogi influenced by the spiritual yoga revolution in my community but balanced by my mother’s practical approach to physical health . As I reflect on thirty plus years on the mat, I realize there are many lessons to be learned from this timeless practice. With much of my adult life spent in service as a military officer followed by a successful career in the highly competitive medical device sales industry, I have used my yoga practice as a security blanket, a barometer to measure ethical decisions, and as a method to return to my

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