Lessons of Valujet 592

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The Lessons of ValuJet 592
1. Identify one or two risks your project is encountering and strategies that might mitigate them
• Risk 1: Due to time constraints and meeting deadlines, our group may be forced into a position that does not allow us to fully research the most effective means of developing a functional lighting system to prevent future runway incursions.
• Mitigation: The deadline cannot be pushed back, so we need to collectively get together to ensure we are up-to-date on the current research in this area
• Risk 2: Another risk we may encounter is “reinventing the wheel.” With all the research and designs that are presently being tested, it will be difficult to create a system unique to those that are currently being
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First, during process activities developing a plan for risk management, which defines and documents a strategy, should have been done. Once this was completed, the next step would be to manage the risk profile to determine thresholds and identify both the acceptable and unacceptable risks involved (Haskins et al., 2010, p 216). The workers should have been trained to understand the risks involved with handling, dismantling, and packaging the oxygen generators. If this was done correctly, the lanyards would not have been removed and the caps that cover the firing pins would have been in place. Mechanics would have understood that surrounding these canisters with consumables, such as the cardboard boxes and tires, is unthinkable and highly hazardous. Another risk management strategy that is important in the ValuJet case study is documentation. The downfall to this is ensuring the documentation is not falsified. Documenting everything is crucial and something that was accomplished, but did not reflect the job performance accurately. By avoiding costs and schedule risks, SabreTech employees increased the technical risks associated with maintenance of the jet and hangar. Similarly, the paperwork insisting ValuJet get “re-certified” was completed and submitted for evaluation, but no one evaluated it! Documentation is important, but not if it is not accurate and assessed. The crash and burn (or

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