Lester B. Pearson 's Greatest Prime Minister

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Lester B. Pearson has helped Canada become recognizable in the world. His is known worldwide for his efforts for his time at United Nations and serving as Canada’s prime minister. Lester B. Pearson is one of Canada’s greatest prime minister because of his service towards Canada in his lifetime.. Lester B. Pearson helped Canada greatly during his time out of office. Firstly, Lester B. Pearson has helped Canada to become recognizable through various platforms. One of the greatest platforms was the United Nations. Therefore, Canada recognised the opportunity of joining the United Nations to be recognised worldwide. “Canada, a participant at the San Francisco Conference (April 25 to June 26, 1945), is one of the founding members of the…show more content…
Canada’s crucial role in forming this organization helps not only the world but also increased Canada individual identity. This organization was supported by Lester B. Pearson which made him the chairman of the FAO. “In October 1945, Chairman of the First FAO Conference in Quebec City”(UN News Center). Due to Lester B. Pearson achieving greatly in his time during United Nations, he made Canada recognised in the world. People knew Lester B. Pearson as a Canadian and have made Canada proud. Lester B. Pearson worked his way up to becoming the president of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Due to Lester B. Pearson selfless deeds such as donating troops to United Nations, help fundraising for kids, he has given Canada the title of “Peacekeeper”. Lester B. Pearson not only made Canada recognizable in the world but he also has reformed Canada during his time of service as the prime minister. Pearson has introduced the world to a new Canada. Pearson greatest accomplishment was the introduction of the Canadian flag. “Pearson also introduced a new national flag to replace the Red Ensign. This helped to appease the French-Canadians”(Medium). This was an extremely important day in Canadian history as it reduced the gaps between French and English. French felt left out in the previous flags because the Canadian flag showed loyalty toward the British crown. Now Canadians
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