Lester Monologue

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When I heard the door slam, I opened my eyes to see my mother standing in front of me. My heart immediately dropped because I thought that she was going to say something about what Lester and I had done the other night. “Summer, we found the perfect house. We put an offer in now were waiting to hear back from the realtor. All it needs is some fresh paint and new carpet. Lester said that he can take a few days off work to fix it up before we move in if the owner accepts our offer.” “That’s wonderful. I can’t wait to see it. Where is Lester anyway?” I asked as I sat up and yawned. “He’s dropping Imani off at one her friend’s house. He finally agreed to let her stay the night.” “I know she’s happy. I’m glad that he finally let her stay.” “Me too, because the poor child has been asking for weeks.” “You and dad used to do me the same way. I used to ask to stay the night with Johaly all the time. Don’t…show more content…
“You’ve got to be shitting’ me?” I answered just as I was getting into the groove. “Summer this isn’t right.” “I know it isn’t. But it feels so damn good,” I said as I tightened the muscles in my pelvis. He didn’t say anything else after that. Then I climaxed and squirted all over his lap as his hands came alive. After he had slapped me on my right butt cheek a few times, he grabbed at my ass and attempted to stick one of his fingers in my butthole. I felt a hot sensation all over my body as I continued to ride his erection. When his finger made its way to my hot spot, I let out a moan and Lester held onto my waist with one hand. I wanted to scream, but I didn’t because I feared the neighbors might hear us. “I’m gonna cum.” “Wait, let me get up,” I said before I jumped up off of his lap. Cum shot straight up in the air. It got on the coffee table and some even squirted on my bare ass and robe. I laughed while Lester looked at me. “What are you trying to do to me?” He asked in a serious
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