Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes

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Let America Be America Again By Langston Hughes
Theme: Freedom
In his poem, let America be America again, Hughes focuses on American freedom and equality. His concern was on the socio-economic division in the American society. Relating the American declaration at independence, Hughes observes that the road to achievement of equality and freedom lost. The country has become corrupt and its leaders and businessmen are greedy. The grabbed land and gold making them wealthier during the common American citizen; the Negros, red Indians, the poor whites and immigrants lavish in poverty (Schmidt, and Lynne, 776). They have not achieved the American promise of freedom. Hughes wrote the poem with the
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Freedom is not a racial thing but for every citizen whose life has been affected by the path taken by the American development. The America projected while freedom was a country of hope, equality and freedom (Schmidt, and Lynne, 776). The American freedom was not on gender and race only but a freedom that spread its wings to embrace economic freedom and equality. However, the current America is not a country that many including Hughes anticipated. A class system is the division is the classification system in the modern America; millions are drowning in the lake of poverty while a few one percent are floating in the cream of wealth. It is this inequality that Hughes wants addressed; it is the equitable distribution of resources that make him concerned for the poor American citizen; either of African, Indian, polish, Irish and English descent. These are the people who left their ancestral home to come and realize their dream of a happy life in America. They are the people who bear scars of slavery and those who toil with machines (line 20 & 32), these who were fooled and pushed apart by the greedy and selfish bourgeoises. Hughes seeks the freedom these people who are poor and hungry despite the American dream of achieving human happiness by eradicating all forms of human misery.
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