Let Confidence Lead : 11 Confidence Boosters Essay

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Let Confidence Lead: 11 Confidence Boosters
By Nadine Love
Jul 20, 2011
I 'm starting this new financial year differently. I 'm mindfully setting up new and improved habits to ensure that the outcomes I desire for this next year will be not just achieved, but surpassed. What better way to spend 4th July than setting up the year ahead? Today 's three part planning strategy aka: "step-plot-stick":
1. I walked on the beach (it 's been an idyllic, clear, warm day) mulling over the menu of delights to achieve, aspire to and deliver in the next 12 months.
2. I put pen to paper sitting on sun drenched sand dune, delighted and excited by my musings, the waves playing orchestra to the ebb and flow of my thoughts. The drive to my home-office was more an inspired flight - I was so focused on planning that I did not compute the ride at all!
3. I rounded off, or rather, grounded off my year 's planning, with a tight hour spent creating my new vision board. The creative force involved in sticking some of those concepts down, gifts a visual. Life force is generated into concepts, those moments before, existed as just ideas.

What does this have to do with letting confidence lead? Partly, it 's in the clarity of knowing the destination (even though it 's in broad brush strokes, right now) and figuring the steps to get there. This gives a measure of certainty. It means that I know what I have to do, or to find out, to map out my ideal year. This process carves out how time is to be
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