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Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) ENGLISH – SECONDARY 1. Which of the following is NOT associated with Romanticism? a. Emphasis on the collective rather than on the individual b. Belief in the child’s superior insight c. Celebration of the nature d. Emphasis on the power of imagination 2. What feeling is expressed in this line “My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky”? A. Surprise C. Fear B. Happiness D. Anger 3. What is Chekhov’s most recognizable achievement in his short stories? A. His cryptic use of symbolism B. His attention to the inner lives of his characters C. His references to biblical scriptures D. His use of allegory 4. In the Iliad, whose death brought…show more content…
C. He spent 13 years wandering from one regional court to another. D. He gathered a following in his later years. 22. Which of the following is/are an example/s of folk narrative/s? A. Riddle C. Proverbs B. Legends D. Epic 23. Which of the following is NOT a secular art associated with Zen spiritual training? A. Archery C. Swordsmanship B. Calligraphy D. Bonsai 24. Which of the following is NOT a theme that is customarily associated with Dostoyevsky’s work? A. Conflicts between “good” and “ evil”, “freedom” and “tyranny” B. Choices between religious faith and atheism C. The enormous contradictions of human nature D. The great potential for adultery 25. Which is a short narrative poem intended to be sung? A. Romance C. Lyric B. Ballad D. Epic 26. The type of novel which became popular in the 18th century is __________________. A. epistolary C. picaresque B. gothic D. religious 27. In Aenid, though Aenas suffers an unhappy life and miserable death, what is his greatest consolation? A. His protection by the gods B. The future glory of his sons C. His love affair with Dido D. His being compared with Achilles and Odysseus 28. Which of the following statements is LEAST likely to be associated with Japan? A. It is a spiritual nation. B. It is a homogenous nation. C. It is a nation that speaks with one voice. D.

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