Let Me Be Me By Ralph Waldo Emerson

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“Let Me Be Me” In “Self Reliance” Ralph Waldo Emerson explains that trusting one’s self and own decisions to do tasks alone without anybody’s opinion or influence from society is the key to being an individual and having individualism. One point Emerson brings up is that to imitate others is to kill one’s true self. I see this happening in society today with the judgmental nature of most people. Some are scared to act like their true self due to the opinions and unrealistic expectations from others, which cause them to act like someone they are not and copying others. Emerson is a strong believer on being original and never conforming to society’s ways even if it means taking negative criticism. With independence and originality being necessary ethics, Emerson’s validity of believing everybody should listen to their own voice, have wholesome self confidence to express own ideas and resistance to be like anyone else should hold true within every individual in the world. We should also see society in a positive way by believing it does not just have a negative influence like Emerson only discusses. “Self Reliance” basically discusses personal growth and how bad it is to conform into something that is not original, but it is seen everywhere. Emerson says, “infancy conforms to nobody: all conform to it, so that one babe commonly makes four or five of the adults who prattle and play to it” (2). Everyone that does conform to society has made their own choice to be like
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