Let Me Begin By Saying

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Let me begin by saying; “This was an enriching experience that allowed me to delve a little deeper into my memory bank. Engaging in this activity has also permitted plenty of powerful reflection regarding teacher pedagogy in addition to providing an opportunity for this writer to relive some unsettling childhood memories. These memories have caused me to gain fresh insights into the reading process. “I will discuss these insights in the paper. In the Reading Process activity, I was the second reader and I read the response titled “Palmyra”. My partner was the wonderful and always gracious, Jury. I was very confident and comfortable around my classmate until I started reading the text. I listened to Jury read and felt she read quite well. I thought to myself how hard it could be to read this short page. In fact, I was a little excited to see my score even before I began reading the text. It 's that competitive gene that I was born with. My goal was to get a better score than Jury. As soon as I began reading, I could feel something come over me. I mentally returned to my childhood. I became that little 10 year old girl standing at the chalkboard at the front of the classroom. My palms began to sweat with every word. As I read, my miscues began to increase. I caught myself making empty apologies to Jury for my miscues. "Excuse me, oops and sorry for that” I continued. One after the other the miscues continued to build. Now, I 'm starting to freak out . One miscue became two,
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