Let The Great World Spin

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The Effect of the Perspectives in Let the Great World Spin Through the perspectives of 11 different characters, Let the Great World Spin, by Colum McCann, shows its readers all sides of New York City. The narrative tells of people from different races, genders, and backgrounds, revealing how, though they all live different lives, they are connected. Through this chorus of voices, McCann is able to show that no matter how they live, humans, at their core, are all the same. If there had to be one single character to narrate this book, the most fitting would be Gloria, but, if the author were to change this, the novel will lose its theme. Readers would no longer be exposed to multiple different perspectives, and the story would fail to reach…show more content…
If only one perspective was used to tell this story, then this theme would be completely lost, no matter which character you choose, as the novel is full of dramatic irony. Though the characters in the story don 't realize their connections, the readers do. The text reveals that even characters who never come to meet, such as Blaine (an ignorant painter) and Solomon (a grieving New York City judge), can change each other’s lives in significant ways. Without these multiple perspectives, this main theme would be lost, as the readers would have no greater knowledge than that given by a single character. If the author had to write Let the Great World Spin from the perspective of just one character, then the most fitting of the eleven would be Gloria. Readers get to witness Gloria’s life from childhood to death. She comes from a modest family, and continued to live this way all throughout her life. Claire commented on her apartment, saying “scorch marks on the doorways. The smell of boric acid in the hall. Needles in the elevator... but inside the apartment sparkled. Two huge chandeliers hung from the ceiling, cheap but charming... Gloria bustled around, changing coasters, swapping napkins, cracking the windows for smokers.” (McCann 76). This shows that, though Gloria doesn 't necessarily have the best life, she still tries her best, struggling to find the beauty in what she has. This is one of the most bolded themes of the novel.
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