Let The Right One In Character Analysis

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Let the Right One In follows the life of 12-year-old Oskar (Kare Hedebrant) living with his single mother in an apartment near Stockholm, Sweden. Director Tomas Alfredson does a great job at focusing on Oskar as he overcomes difficulties thrown at him throughout the film, allowing us to understand what goes on in Oskars head and how he changes overtime with the help of Eli (Lina Leandersson). Immediately as we are introduced to this film main character, Oskar, we get the idea that he is not just an average 12-year-old. Oskar is introduced to us while he is in the open area outside his apartment, shown stabbing a tree repeating “Squeal, squeal like a pig”. Throughout the movie viewers also see that Oskar keeps a scrapbook of murder stories…show more content…
You can see Oskar’s appreciation for his father’s attention during the movie when he goes to visit him and he appears to be happier at that time than any other point during the movie. During the class field trip when Oskar is cornered by his bullies it is the first time us viewers got to see Oskar begin to come out of his shell in a sense and fight back against the bullies, thanks to the guidance of Eli. Outside of Oskar and then Eli as the film goes on, I found that there was a slight lack in character depth and it wouldn’t have hurt to get a look into why the kids at school bully Oskar, maybe there was an incident that lead them along with everyone else at school to take this disliking towards him. Another opportunity to add to character depth is with his parents since we did not get very much history on them and maybe there was something that happened between the three of them over time or suddenly that lead to the divorce and the mother specifically and her disinterest in her son who she lives
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