Let The Right One Is A Stage Adaptation By Jack Thorne

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On October 1, 2016, I attended a production of Let the Right One In at The University of Oklahoma in the Weiztenhoffer Theater. Let the Right One in is a “stage adaptation by Jack Thorne based on the Swedish novel Marla Rubin Productions Ltd.” and it was directed by Tom Huston Orr as a fall main stage production for the university (University Theatre Program). Let the Right One In was captivating and occupied the space with great power. Immediately once the show began, I noticed the forwarding aspect of the overlapping scenes to help bring momentum to the production. The specific reference I am making is to the introduction of the character Oskar, who was played by Sam Pinson, coupled with Hakan’s first murder. Hakan was played by Weston Vrooman and his first victim in the production is Torkel who was portrayed by Austin Reid. The overlapping of their two scenes set up a fast pace that added to some of the suspense the show itself calls for in its mood. I really enjoyed this directing choice to have the bar placed for high energy and pace right as the show began. Another aspect that I thought worked well for this production was the casting choice of Sam Pinson for Oskar. The reason I mention this is because Sam is not what I would expect in the casting of a young teenage boy. He is tall and not the typical type for that role. I had been skeptical of this decision because of how Sam is not visibly close to a child in the least, but Sam portrayed the role in a way that was…
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