Let Them Eat Junk: The Documentary Food Inc. Essay

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Let Them Eat Junk! The Ethical Dilemma of the Dollar Menu "When you only have a dollar to spend and you have two kids to feed, either you go to the market and try to find something that's cheap or just go straight through a drive-thru and get two small hamburgers for them and 'okay, here. Eat them.' This is what's gonna fill her up, not that one single item at the market." ( Food Inc., Kenner, 2008) Families around the United States go through this dilemma on a daily basis. Fast food and junk food are everywhere. You can't drive almost any city block without passing a fast food restaurant or a gas station convenience store proudly advertising their dollar and value menus or two for one specials. The 2008 documentary, Food Inc,…show more content…
However, this method has been abandoned by the US government and replaced by subsidies that encourage farmers to grow mass amounts of storable crops, particularly corn. The farmers are issued a subsidy check from the government that encourage them to overproduce and now the market is flooded with an abundance of crops. So what's the big deal? More is always better right? Is it really better though when it costs the United States an estimated $19 billion dollars a year ( Pollan, 2003 ) to support this method? With this system, it seems the only winners are the junk food producers and fast food restaurants. Simply looking at corn, the over production has led to high fructose corn syrup being the sweetener of choice for most products because it's cheap. Since it's cheap, companies are able to make their products bigger. For example, Coca Cola used to be served in eight ounce glass bottles, now though the most common serving size is the twenty ounce plastic bottle. ( Pollan, 2003 ) That's twelve more ounces! The list goes on and on. From fast food burgers to giant sized convenience store soda pops, the over abundance of corn on the market has allowed manufacturers to cheaply acquire their ingredients and turn around and offer a super-sized portion to the consumer at a value sized price. It has even found it's way into "healthy" choices. Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavored milks are often offered in the schools right

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