Let Us Not Forget By Morgan R.

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Let us not forget by Morgan R. Mosebrook Change is in the air and so is uncertainty. It can be a new chapter for some and a trial for other. When such things happen in life, it easy to forget our faith especial the basics. I know I have, in fact I have to recollect them often. I easily forget the basic truths of Christianity like trusting in the Father and grace. I am ashamed how often I undermine my own salvation with my own merits and misdeeds; but in God 's grace and long-suffering, He reminds me often these three places in my life that remind me daily where i need to be. 1. Who I was: we sing it about, we hear about it yet frankly, I seem to forget this point often. I was saved young, so for me, I don 't remember what I was before I accepted Christ. However, knowing what I was beforehand has shaped my walk more now as a Christian than before when I wasn 't. We know we were sinners, Roman 3:10,23; 6:23 make that clear; but something I never thought of myself as was a beggar. Matthew 5:3 states "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of God". The original word for poor that was used in the Greek text was πτωχοί which means "to crouch" referring to a beggar that was double over. So here the picture, someone clothed in rags, probably sitting off to the side of the street. They 're head is hung down to their chest and their hand is stretched out just enough to hold the alms they receive from a merciful stranger. This is how we are spiritually. Before
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