Let 's Get Something Straight : America Was Never ' Great Essay

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Let’s get something straight: America was never “great.” From views on African Americans, immigrants, religions, homosexuals, and even women, America may have overcome how harsh they treat different people, but they are still facing controversies over said topics. When President elect, Donald Trump says “make America great again,” it’s hard to understand what he means because, again, America was never actually “great.” As a character in the Netflix Original Series: Orange is the New Black said, this is the “land of the free, home of the racist.” America may have more freedoms than most countries, but Americans then and now blame minorities for our problems, when in reality, they should look in a mirror. Far before the 18th century and up until January 1865, Americans in the Confederate states had the right to own human beings, mostly Africans, and force them to work. The conditions of being a slave were often harsh, even though some may say, “Despite misconceptions slaves were treated fairly well (physically at least) they were property after all. Shows of violence, such as whippings and hangings, were necessary to keep the slave population in check.” The beginning of slavery in the Americas started with a trading process called the Triangle Trade. This was how the process worked, creating an actual triangle between three countries: “Manufactured goods would ship from Europe to Africa (leg 1) where they were traded for slaves. The slaves would be shipped across the

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