Let 's Go Green ! Essay

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Let’s Go Green! Global warming is quickly becoming the biggest threat to the long-term survival of America’s wildlife (Global Warming 1). The temperature has been rising since the time factories were first introduced. Even though people knew how harmful greenhouse gases are, they did not realize the long term effects that it would have on the environment. Both wildlife and human existence are affected by this, but taking a step to improve the environment can be difficult. On the other hand, many organizations from different countries are coming together to help one another reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the air and are improving the way they live. Another way to spread information is with the use of advertisements. Advertisements are a very powerful tool to use because they help marketers get their point across to their audience effectively through the use of visuals paired with phrases. Some examples for effective advertisements are from the organizations called Green Union and Plant for the Plant. Both advertisements are effective in presenting the importance of taking care of the environment because how the ad is formatted, the color choices made by marketers, and the specific phrases that capture the audience 's attention. The Green Union Alliance and Plant for the Planet, in general, are organizations that help spread awareness of taking care of the planet, but there are minor differences of what each organization does for the planet and what

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