Let 's Talk About Sex

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Alisha Smith Professor Jones English Composition 1101 19 April 2017 Let’s Talk About Sex Living in a world where sexual imagery is produced rapidly throughout the media makes controlling what children are exposed to difficult. Rather than trying to control what a child is exposed to, it is important to know what children learn, especially when it comes to sexual health and sexuality. Many teenagers who are sexually active are not provided with educational resources informing them of the risks and consequences that come with having sex and unprotected sex because their schools provided them with material that was being pushed through an abstinence only sexual education curriculum. Not providing teenagers and young adults with proper…show more content…
(RAINN) An abstinence only sex education curriculum teaches students to completely refrain from engaging in all sexual activity until marriage. An abstinence only approach dismisses the fact that teenagers will become sexually active at one time or another. Using this approach prevents students from gaining the knowledge that they would receive in a comprehensive sex education course. Comprehensive sex education promotes safety, it teaches teenagers and young adults how to be responsible when it comes to having sex. Implementing a mandatory comprehensive sex education course will give the students the knowledge and ability to make educated decisions when they choose to become sexually active. Having a comprehensive curriculum will teach students how to protect themselves from not only pregnancies, but more importantly sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and HIV/AIDS as well. Abstinence only curriculums teach students that they should remain abstinent to prevent pregnancy or contracting STD’s. Although the teen pregnancy rate has dropped to a record low of 24.5 per 1,000 women age 15-19, the United States still has the highest rate of adolescent pregnancies among 21 other first world countries. (Sedgh) According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), the STD rates are rising
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