Let the Circle Be Unbroken Chapters 1-8 Summaries

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The story “Let the Circle be unbroken” starts with the Logan children, and Mr. Logan or Papa riding in a wagon to go to Mrs. Lee Annie Lees to go check on a sick mule. On their way there Cassie thinks she sees Wordell go into the woods. When they got to Mrs. Lee Annie Lees Mr. Logan left Logan kids in front of her place, as he go attends to the sick Mule. While Mr. Logan was gone the Logan kids talked to Son-Boy, Lee Ellis, and Waynard, and Little Willie, who were waiting for Clarice. The children started talking about TJ Avery who was their friend, that got caught up into some trouble with the Simm’s kids. They said that TJ killed Mr. Barnett, but in all actuality The Simm’s kids did. TJ is currently In Jail. While they were in the …show more content…
Stacey asked if he could be part of the jury and Mr. Jamison explained to him how it worked. The next few days they were waiting for TJ’s trial. Clarence, little Willie, and Stacey were planning to go to the Trial. Stacey asked Cassie if she wanted to go to the trial with him, but Cassie seemed scared so Stacey said nevermind. The next day when Stacey, and the others were about to go to Strawberry to go watch the trial Cassie, and the other Logan kids came with them. When they got to the trial they saw that TJ wasn’t there yet, and that they couldn’t sit anywhere because there was only so much seats for colored people. They saw Jeremy and they spoke for a while. The boys then had to use the bathroom, and Cassie was going to get a drink from the water fountain. When Jeremy saw this he immediately got Cassie, and The other Logan kids, and explained to them that those aren’t for colored people. They would get into trouble if they saw them using the bathrooms, and the water fountains. Stacey came and said that TJ was in the court room. The kids watched the hearing from a tree. Mrs. Barnett was called to tell her testimony. She explained what she thought happened. She said in that night that her husband died, they heard noises downstairs, so Mr. Barnett went to check on it, and they saw three negroes, which two of them hit Mr. Barnett with a blunt side if an axe, and killed him, and beat Mrs. Barnett. The jury seemed sympathetic of her testimony, and seemed like
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