Let the Love Pour in

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Amariz Antillon Professor Evans En-123 Composition & Literature 7 April 2015 Let the Love Pour In The short story, “Regret,” by Kate Chopin portrays a woman struggling to accept her loneliness and regret of never having children. In this story, Chopin is saying that in order to experience life fully, a woman needs a child or children to love and care for, and, if the woman is not a part of mother hood, she will live to regret it. Chopin begins the story with mentioning how independent the main character, Mamzelle Aurlie, is and then, after watching four children, Chopin ends the story with how alone and full of regret the character is (Chopin). Although modern views of the definition of a woman may seem to be in complete contrast…show more content…
Although she knew it was going to be a challenge, she knew she was responsible enough to care for the children. Caring for one child is hard and a fulltime job, now caring for four children is twenty times harder. There was Marcline, Marclette, Ti Nomme, and Lodie who were know in the care of Mamzelle and, day by day, Mamzelle begins to learn what each child enjoys and needs. She figured they were going to be fairly simple by just needing to be fed, bathed, and put to bed. Taking her by surprise, “it made Marcline and Marclette laugh merrily -- the idea that Mamzelle Aurlie should for a moment have believed that Ti Nomme could fall asleep without being told the story of Croque-mitaine or Loup-garou, or both; or that Lodie could fall asleep at all without being rocked and sung to” (Chopin). Chopin begins to make the character realize how much love and affection a child needs and wants. Each day Mamzelle grew more and more accustomed to the routine of having children basing her day around them. After two weeks, Mamzelle grew familiar to them and completely stopped complaining (Chopin). Then, in the story, is the realization that Mamzelle has grown to love and cherish the children’s company, but at the end of the two weeks, they were taken away from her. After falling in love with someone or after starting to care deeply for someone,

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