Let’S Say That There Is A Problem With The Plumbing In

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Let’s say that there is a problem with the plumbing in the house. The house begins to struggle without the working plumbing and it’s time to hire someone to fix this and instead of hiring the plumber with twenty years of experience, the business man gets the job. This past election truly showed the country that anyone who meets the basic requirements to run for president can win. This was the absolute goal of those who built this country and should be continued as long as this country continues to grow. That all being said, some people are not the best equipped to do hold presidency or any other office in that matter. The basic requirements to run for president is not enough and anyone who thinks they are qualified need to be mature and…show more content…
Ben Carson, a respected neurosurgeon and Donald Trump, a businessman both ran and had a strong impact. They both have no political experience and yet made it to be known as candidates and one of them did go out and win. Even though our president is Trump, there is something to be said about his win besides his lack of political experience and impressive persuasion. One of the most common perks that presidents and very controversial candidates share is that are wealthy. Places like Forbes and Wealth-X have covered these candidates dating back to the beginning of this country and it is painfully noticeable to see how money makes it easy to be the president. Past president like Herbert Hoover is probably the most obvious. Before his presidency, he was the Secretary of Commerce and was very good at his position. He was a huge help after the flood of the Mississippi river in 1927 and was a huge contributor in the addition of children programs in the federal budget. These amazing accomplishments would be drowned by his presidential failure by being singled out as the cause of The Great Depression. Hoover’s famous quote, “Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt” is the sad truth of what we are dealing with. With all this being true and the few exceptions like the Clintons, is the chance we want to take? This country deserves more than a person thinking that they can make a difference rather than a
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