Let'S Start From The Beginning. High School For Me Was

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Let 's start from the beginning. High school for me was a period of transition in my life. A stage of growth, hormonal changes, molding of the personality. Going from middle school to high school I realized that it was not the same thing: we had a different building, we crossed the hallways with older students; the teachers were different. t was supposed to be focused on getting good grades, making my parents feel proud of me and taking advantage of the great opportunity that was given to me which was to have been in one of the best bilingual schools in a country as poor as the Dominican Republic.

At that age, at least to me, I did not care about my grades, being late for classes or even going to class. My mind was everywhere.

I have the
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Is the stage where the child is molded.

Back to high school, as I said before, nothing mattered to me and I did not think about the consequences that many of my actions could have. The future was not something that worried me back then. I did not get excellent grades, I was a bit disorganized, not dedicated and irresponsible, with some of my subjects.

In my interior was going through problems of self-esteem. I remember as if it were yesterday the first week of classes in the new building, I was terrified to walk in the corridors where everyone was and this lasted maybe more than a year.

Make bad decisions, walk with people who, at this age, were not the best influence for me, even if they had a great heart. We were rebels and we just wanted to be cool and those of the bigger courses saw how cool we were.

My classmates, some extroverts and fun, others more centered and quiet were good company during my years. Some and perhaps in a joke, made fun of me. They made fun of the way I spoke, made fun of my behavior and behavior, over all men, so I began to cling more to women to trust and develop friendship.

I was sent to study abroad in Florida. I spent a whole year in Florida at a military boarding school. I learned to become independent, good grades and it was a wonderful and unique experience. I wanted to go back to my country, I missed my family and wanted to graduate in the school that saw me grow and I
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