Lethal Energy : Proposal For Alternative Solutions For The Atomic Energy

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Lethal Energy: Proposal for Alternative Solutions to Atomic Energy
Patrick Racosky
Estrella Mountain Community College

Atomic energy production is a dangerous technology that must be replaced by eco-friendly energy production methods. Atomic energy production relies upon radioactive materials used as fuel to generate electricity; these fuels are highly toxic and volatile substances that are lethal to all forms of life. In the event of a technical malfunction, or natural disaster, these dangerous substances can escape into the environment where they will remain disruptive for centuries. The nuclear power plant at Fukushima Daiichi in Japan is one such example of this, but alarmingly, many nuclear power plants are built along geological fault lines, in tsunami regions, and other dangerous weather zones all across the globe. The potential for widespread devastation to the environment is real. For this reason alone nuclear energy should be phased out entirely and replaced by a safe alternative.
Fortunately, alternative energy technologies exist which can completely alleviate this danger. These technologies include solar, wind, and biodiesel sources for clean renewable energy production. Should these technologies be implemented worldwide on an industrial scale, they can protect and sustain a healthy environment by providing an eco-friendly replacement for nuclear power. This paper will provide a chronicle of selected worldwide nuclear incidents in…

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