Lethal Injection Is A Violation Of Human Rights

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“Nearly 90 percent of the 1,457 executions last year took place in just four countries: China, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Iran” (A World Shift from Execution, 2001). Lethal injections have been administered for countless years in these countries. A lethal injection is the act of injecting sodium thiopental into the blood stream of a person. The medicine used and how it is administered is a major concern with lethal injections since they are used kill a person quickly. “Several states, including Missouri, Wyoming and Virginia are looking to alternatives to lethal injection, given the increasing difficulty of obtaining the necessary drugs and questions over the humaneness of lethal injection”(End Capital Punishment, 2014). Though lethal injections are a violation of human rights, they have been used for decades and are continued to be administered across the world. Capital punishment is another way to squander citizen finances and has no open security profit. When law implementation experts were observed they concur that the death penalty does not stop brutal wrongdoing; a review of officers across the country discovered they classify capital punishment as the most minimal among approaches to diminish vicious wrongdoing. The motivation for choosing lethal injections as the topic of the paper spirals from one’s interest in the medical field. The magnitude of lethal injections is an overlooked social issue. Capital punishment is a reflection of morality, therefore

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