Lethal Injection Is The Practice Of Killing A Person

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Lethal injection is the practice of killing a person using drugs that are transferred intravenously. Lethal injection is a form of the death penalty that has been used in the United States since 1982. There are two processes of lethal injection that are typically used; one being a three drug concoction the other it being one just mix of drugs in one. Currently scientists are researching new ways to execute an individual that won’t take as long and that will ensure that the execution will go as planned they are currently taking precautionary measures to guarantee that there are fewer unsuccessful executions.
The process of lethal injection that has always been used in the United States is that Sodium Thiopental is first put into the patient to put the inmate to sleep and then pancuronium bromide is used to paralyze muscle function and to stop the inmate’s breathing and finally potassium chloride is used to stop the inmate’s heart. They typically use this method of 3 different drugs so that if someone is allergic to one of the ingredients of one of the drugs that they can easily switch one of the drugs out for a drug without the ingredient that they are allergic to that serves the same purpose. Though this method has been used for over 30 years recent research has found that sometimes the anesthesia does not come into effect and many times the inmate is sitting there convulsing and feeling extreme pain and possibly experiencing asphyxiation, burning sensations. According…
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