Let’s Be Lefties for a Day! Essay examples

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Introduction More and more todays professionals and managers are becoming diverse in ethnicity, cultural and gender. “Diversity benefits everyone” (Bell 5) and can bring great benefits to a business. The first thing I will mention is two men by the names of Cox and Blake that proposed several reasons how diversity could benefit organizations. Some, such as areas of cost, marketing, creativity, and problem solving (Bell 9). Second some components needed to change a business into becoming more diverse. The final is how being right handed and spending the day as a leftie helped to understand diversity and apply the knowledge in the work place. As professionals and managers understanding cultural differences will help develop a business…show more content…
Workers who feel discriminated and not treated fairly will leave and tell family, friends and others about their experiences (Bell 12), even thou the others were not personally affected they will become offensive and choose not to support the business as well. The ability for managers to attract businesses could be damaged by the lack of diversity. Thus leading to increased loss (Bell 16). Understanding and encouraging diversity within a business can help others perform better which could then result in higher productivity, profit and return on investment (Greenberg 2010). Cultural, ethnic, and gender differences are all around us and in the workplace. Research has shown that groups of people who come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences have a greater ability to be creative and their problem-solving skills are better in the workplace (Bell 14). That being said many studies have shown that with increased diversity there is also negative outcomes in the beginning (Bell 17). Stereotyping individuals from other cultures and of different races must be overcome, and will be challenging. This is when managers and associates need to recognize, understand, and respect the differences in each individual. Bell (2010) researchers suggests over time the negative differences reduced once the employees got to know each other and had a chance to exchange job-relevant

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