Lets End the Civil War

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Let’s end the civil war “Let’s end the civil war” is an article, written in 1962 by Harry Golden a northern journalist. He wrote this article to highlight the Civil war centennial in the U.S. and the idea that the centennial committees in the whole of the south, which wanted us to believe that the civil war is not over. There are still participations in the reengagement of the civil war and some of the actors still hope that the civil war will be restored. Harry golden thinks that the Americans see the centennial more as a celebration of the civil war, than a centennial. And that is why one of the main themes in the article is misunderstanding. It is a misunderstanding between the south and their view of the centennial. He thinks that…show more content…
This shows on the first line in the article (p. 119 ll.1-3) “There were more confederate flags sold during the first year of the civil war centennial (1961) than were sold throughout the South during the war itself (1861-65)” the reason why he wrote this in his article, and why I put it in the beginning of the article is because he want’s to make it clear to the reader that Southerners were participating more during the centennial than, the actual war. On p.120 ll.38-41 and p. 121 ll. 1-2 Golden writes; “once they take the capital, they can force upon the supreme court the decisions that will restore the old plantations, the crinolines, the dueling pistols, the house on the hill with smoke coming out the chimney at twilight and little Sambo rolling in laughter under the magnolia, Ah what a dream” first of all, this is sort of provocative written, that the slaves whom he refers to as “Sambo” (which is a bad world for slaves) that they would lay under the magnolia tree laughing like they were free. Because that is how many Southerners might think, the slave’s felted like and that they are enjoying their lives like if they were a free person. He writes this to make the Northern realize how the Southerners might think of the slaves, and the make them realize that the Southerners want to go back to the “good” old days, where it was legal to owning your own slave. All in all, Golden is trying to wake up the American
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