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Let’s love sport As we know playing sport is a good habit that most of the people love it. What is the meaning of the sport? The answer is clear; sport means the regular movement of the limbs of the body in a proper manner. Every day we can encounter with people who play sport but how many percent of those people know the real effect of doing exercise in their body? Absolutely many of them seem not to know the effects. Actually many people don’t realize the benefits and importance of sport. Sport especially your favorite sport gives lots of benefits. The most important benefits of doing exercise on person are physical and psychological effect in a positive way.
One of the most well-known positive effects of physical exercise on person
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According to many researches which have been done by scientists, we can prove the importance of sport for our health because 70% middle aged people who didn’t do sport in their youth are now faced with the serious problems such as hypertension and they may have difficulty in blood circulation furthermore they become tired easily in early ages due to the lack of doing exercise.
The other benefit of doing sport is psychological effect on individual as it increases mental strength. First of all, playing sport increases motivation of individuals positively. To illustrate this, doing sport effects on feeling of persons in a good way and of course they may feel reborn after finishing their exercise. By doing sport person ‘stress will decrease and it may affect her/his job or university life positively. Furthermore, playing sport increase confidence of the person during working. A clear example is about me, sport changed my life positively and I can see good sides of life more than other sides. I started playing sport (KONG FU) when I was 5 years old. I saw my motivation for doing my home works was higher than my classmates. I had more confidence during exam because I learnt via sport how I can control my mental power to decrees my stress during exams and how can I cope with problems easily. I could pay more effort to do my assignments more than other students and also my competitive spirit was stronger than
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