Let's Take a Trip: Organizational Analysis

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Let's Take a Trip Organizational analysis LTaT has been expanding over the last 6 years and has seen the creation of various offices across the globe. The basic engagement of the organization is on tourism and travel solutions, both locally and abroad. However, with the increased terrorism abroad, there is need to have more input in the sales and marketing department so as to meet the decline that has been occasioned by the terror acts. These terror acts are external occurrences that significantly affect the internal operations of the organization. The best way to counter their effects in the context of the organization is to strengthen the sales department among other departments; this is in light of the realization that there is nothing the organization can do to stop the terror cats from going on. The organizational analysis will be obtained from various departments that will help in getting the performance data for the organization over the last three years and the trend analyzed to come up with a real representation of the trends particularly to do with the performance of the organization. The main people who will be instrumental in the obtaining of data will be the sales manager, the marketing manager as well as the front office and public relations managers. They will be tasked with giving the data on the flow of tourists going places through the organization and the quality of the tours and travel business over the last three years for analysis. This

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