Letter, And The Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

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Policy Letter: Reflective Paper I chose to write a legislature letter to the Senator Tammy Baldwin, who is representing Wisconsin in the house of senate. The topic I wanted to address in this legislative letter was the issue related to the public health nurses’ wages and their mileage reimbursement. The Explore Health Careers (2016) mentioned that the public health nurses are employed by the government agencies, nonprofit groups, community health centers, and other health organization with a goal to improve the health not just at the individual level, but also at the community level. There is a great demands of public health nurses, especially in medically underserved and low-income communities. This reflective paper will explore the significance of the issue, process of selecting stakeholders, steps after submitting the letter, and the advanced practice nurse (APN) as advocators. Significance of the Issues The public health nurses are integral part of the nursing workforce, who are caring for the entire populations. They are involved in educating people about health issues, identifying health risk factors unique to specific communities, provide health-related interventions based on community needs, conducting health prevention activities such as immunizations and screenings, and advocating to improve health care access for underserved communities (Explore Health Careers, 2016). The public health nurses are involve in illness prevention, and health promotion by reaching

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