Letter: Bottled Water

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[title]Bottled Up Problems

[description]A recent study in @@NAME@@ has found that bottled water contained traces of hazardous substances, which immediately caused panic in the media. It is unknown whether this is caused by the plastic bottles or bad filtration. An organization known as STOPETE has called for you to address this problem, and you have convened in the largest @@DENONYMADJECTIVE@@ bottling plant with a few people to discuss the issue.

[validity]Positive soda sales

[option]"People need to understand that tap water is simply cleaner," claims @@RANDOMNAME@@, a STOPETE spokesperson representing the thousands of @@DENONYMPLURAL@@ outside. "Tap water is tested over 300 times a month. Bottled water is tested once a year. We need to make the
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"Like, everyone can get all high now, but like some people are like, party poopers. Some kids just like, can't get that experience 'cause their parents decide to get them bottled water. We need to, like, put drugs in the bottled water. Who cares about the benzene stuff? Put the stuff in it man! Then we can all, like, get high when we drink bottled water too."
[effect]The only way to get clean water is to hope it rains.

[option]"Why does it always have to be so extreme?" asks your Minister of Practical Solutions, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We do need to do something about these plastic bottles and the companies that sell bottled water. The lives of @@POPULATION@@ @@DENONYMPLURAL@@ are at stake when it comes to this issue. We can take some money from some junk we don't need—like welfare—and then we can send some people in to do regular testing on the plastic bottles and the water sources. The industry has been out of our control for too long."
[effect]bottled water is the same thing as tap water, but thousands of times more
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