Letter For An Emergency Order

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I am requesting for an emergency order to be put in place for summer. When myself and Michael 's father settled on the last petition we had agreed we would split summer 50/50. He 's been putting me off for the past month telling me wait a couple days he will call me to talk about what days we would have Michael during summer. Knowing I have to give my job notice on what days I will work, being I don 't work when I have Michael. Finally 3 weeks before summer Michael 's father tells me he 's not giving me additional days because I don 't deserve them, that he spent 30,000$ on a lawyer and he doesn 't have to split summer with me. That is totally not fair. I deserve to spend time with Michael being I miss out on so much during school months. I am also filing for other reasons in this letter, but I n the meantime I would like a emergency order put in place so I can spend time with my son during summer and not miss out on another summer because Michael 's father did the same thing to me last summer. I am also filing because I feel Michael 's father never has time for Michael. He 's either working or at sports, Michael 's sports is being place in front of Michael 's health and school, and what I feel is right is not being respected. Michael 's father is not there to make most of these decisions his step mother is and I don 't feel they are good decisions or in the best interest of Michael. I deal with Michael 's step mother most of the time and there 's a lot of
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