Letter For The Assistant Project Manager Essay

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1. Due to an increase in rent, you’ve decided you need to increase prices for your services. You want to send a message to your customers conveying your gratitude for their patronage but also informing them of the price increase. A. I would likely send out letters to my customers. B. The reason I chose this is because letters are brief/print messages that can be used to inform external audiences or customers. It is structured and formal. Also, it is an effective form of written communications, and it can also assist to give notice to customers in a polite way. Also, I would like to maintain and build relationships with my customers by showing them respect. 2. At the very last minute, the project manager who was going to lead your office’s meeting has cancelled because they’re ill. You quickly need to contact the assistant project manager so that they can gather a few notes to lead the meeting. A. I would likely email the assistant project manager. B. The reason I chose this is because people check their emails most of the time. Email also carries professionalism and respect. It can exchange information quickly. The subject line in an email also allows the reader to understand how urgent the situation is. I can include every detail in email as well. Also, if that person is not available to do it, he can forward my email to another party easily who can also handle those kinds of matters. 3. You’re the CEO of a clothing company and you want to begin brainstorming the
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