Letter From A Birmingham Jail, By Martin Luther King Jr.

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A city of entertainment, opportunity, and historic importance, it’s no wonder Birmingham, Alabama is so widely known and loved. Only fifty-four short years ago, however, this metropolitan city would not even be recognizable to its modern-day counterpart. Filled with racial injustice and social unrest Birmingham, Alabama was a place of violence and even death. Protests designed to call attention to unjust treatment of African American citizens were not tolerated and even met with inhumane punishments. Martin Luther King Jr., a Georgia native, recognized the need for equality in Birmingham and made it his personal mission to bring about that equality. Recognized at a young age for his incredible public speaking skills and advanced intellect, King was qualified for the difficult task he had undertaken. Throughout his career as a civil servant King wrote and delivered over nineteen speeches, countless sermons, and even a few books. One of his most widely known writings is the “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” in which King addresses multiple accusations against himself and declares with clarity the reasoning for what his critics called “extreme” (King, 6) actions. This letter, read by Americans across the nation, is now considered by many to be one of the most important written documents of the civil rights movement. Dr. King’s persuasive writing style tugs the heartstrings of the reader, creating a profound impression that is anything but forgettable. It is my belief
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