Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay. “Letter From Birmingham

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Letter from Birmingham Jail Essay “Letter from Birmingham Jail” By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is still remembered today as one of the greatest letters ever written. This letter was penned on April 16, 1963 by Dr. King, as a response to the clergymen who opposed his nonviolent campaigns in Birmingham, Alabama. The clergymen had recently wrote “A Call for Unity” to express their opinions on what was going on in the town. They did not approve of how Dr. King was handling the situation in Birmingham. Dr. King wrote this letter while sitting in a jail cell, in order to defend his reason for his marching in the peaceful protests that occurred in the previous days. He outlined the reason behind his penning this letter and what steps were taken…show more content…
The article states that “more than 1 million people gathered in Washington and in cities around the country… to the inauguration of President Trump (Stein, Hendrix, and Hauslohner 1). These people marched in order to protest the treatment of women, minorities, and immigrants by Trump. They held signs and made their voices heard by people all over the world. This march can be compared to the march of Dr. King and his comrades to seek justice for the unfair treatment of people of color. In the time proceeding the time after “Letter from Birmingham Jail” was written there have been other nonviolent marches as well. In 2007, there was a protest where woman who were nursing their infants staged a sit in at Applebee’s to stop discrimination towards breastfeeding mothers. According to the article, “13 Peaceful Protests and Whether They Worked,” the protest was successful. The article revealed that Applebee’s put out a statement that said they, “make nursing mothers feel welcome...” (Dermansky 1). This can also be compared to the peaceful protest of Dr. King and his comrades because the women did not act violently. They just staged a sit in of many nursing mothers at a particular restaurant. Their peaceful protest gained them positive results in the end. There have been many more peaceful campaigns or marches that have occurred all
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