Letter Of Advice For A Small Accounting Practice

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LETTER OF ADVICE You work for a small accounting practice in Penrith and your managing partner has requested that you provide some advice in relation to the various forms of contractual acceptance. You are to draft a letter of advice that details the definition of acceptance and the relevant decisions by the courts. Please note that you are expected to provide full case citations in your answer and a reference list. Our Ref: 22 September 2014 Accounting Practice Address: PENRITH 2751 NSW BY Email accountingpractice@hotmail.com Acceptance in Contract Law: The case of Postal Acceptance Rule and Conditional Acceptance. Dear Managing Partner, This Letter of Advice is pursuant to your request and enquiry about Acceptance under the Contract Law in Australia, in particular the Postal Acceptance Rule and Conditional Acceptance, related to the operation and management in practice of our organization. Accordingly, the Legal Department sets out below a general background and practice of Postal Acceptance Rule (PAR) and its application to the business world at present in Australia. We enclose with the modification of PAR in response to ongoing changes in transaction acts and technology nowadays. Regarding Conditional Acceptance, the case of Master v Cameron will be utilized as an example and set as background for recommendations for our business. 1. Introduction: Our responsibility is to provide legal information about PAR in Australia, which may be applied to the business
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