Letter Of Apology And Apology Essay

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Picture it: June 6, 2011 a warm Texas summer evening and I, a uniformed patrolled officer, have arrived to work to start a twelve-hour shift when I find a sealed letter by the County Prosecutor in my mail box. I am certain that it is not a subpoena as those are never sealed and always hand delivered but imagine my surprise when I read what the County Attorney has sent. I find a letter of explanation from him and an apology from a juvenile that I had pursued in a foot chase earlier that year. The County Attorney explains that he cannot discuss the prosecution of a juvenile but that the juvenile in question has taken responsibility for his actions and as such has included a letter of apology composed by the juvenile. The following page dated April 15, 2011 reveals that this juvenile, Efrain, has indeed enclosed a letter of apology for running from the police and states his actions were wrong and that he wanted to apologize for those actions and furthermore, he expressed his desire to complete high school and stay out of trouble. When this paper was first assigned, I thought about Efrain and how he was not that remarkable nor was his crime. However, Efrain’s letter of apology, whether required by the terms of his probation or the result of his own sheer desire, was the only one I have ever received from a juvenile offender and as such, it stayed with me. I have the honor and privilege of serving a good community but I have now been employed long enough that the adults that I

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