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My husband, Edwardo, and I were traveling home from Rome, Italy and our terrible experience began from the moment we went through security. I informed the agent I had a flat iron in my carryon bag and asked if I should remove it. I was instructed to leave it in the bag, which I did. I was then informed that my baggage needed to be examined. The agent carelessly removed all of my belongings, left them on the table, and informed me not to touch them. The agent then walked away and said she would be right back. As I waited, another agent came to examine someone else’s bag. She started pushing all of my belongings out of the way and telling me to remove them. I informed her that the previous agent told me to wait and not touch them. She…show more content…
My husband and I were then forced to walk further to take a shuttle bus to the main terminal. Once we arrived at the gate, I requested a wheelchair from the gate agent and immediately received it. I also requested to speak with Ms. Ancilli who was standing there. Ms. Ancilli had questioned the gate agent about giving my husband a wheelchair. The gate agent had informed Ms. Ancilli that it was in the computer that my husband required a wheelchair. Ms. Ancilli made a gesture with her hand when I had requested to speak with her. I told her I was reporting her, and requested her name, Ms. Ancilli replied in Italian “Lo Dedremo idiota”, which means, “We will see idiot”. She proceeded to yell that we were only upset because we had to pay $200.00 to check in our bags. I replied to her it was not the money, but her rudeness, arrogance, unprofessionalism and disrespect that was upsetting. I pointed out that there were other passengers who were on the same return flight as us and had more carryon luggage than we did. She did not care and shrugged her shoulders saying, “I guess the other agents didn’t do their job”. We were embarrassed and humiliated in front of hundreds of passengers who were at the gate. We asked her for her name again, but she ignored us and walked away while all the passengers looked at us. I was able to obtain her name from another unhappy AA traveler who was also being mistreated by Ms. Ancilli. I originally
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