Letter Of Upward Bound Migrant Program

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The one that motivated me to write essays and apply to colleges while telling me to become more active during high school was the most stressing person I’ve met. For every individual there has been at least one person that helped them become motivated to got to college and become more active. Some common motivators are family, friends , celebrities, teachers and even historical figures. But for me, the one that motivated me was none other than my nagging high school counselor/advisor, Marienel Lopez. It is because of her nosyness that and non-stop nagging that I joined the Upward Bound summer program, applied for scholarships and colleges, and even participated for JROTC. If it weren’t for her meddlesome behavior to help me become successful, I am completely sure I would not have been able to attend Penn State and be part of Upward Bound Migrant program. The first time I met Marienel I thought she would be calm and chill, but boy was I wrong. The day I met Marienel was the day after I had just started my second year of high school. During that time I had just been accepted into the Upward Bound Migrant program. UBM is an educational program used in order to help students be prepared for college. The students in it were expected to meet with their new counselor, which is part of the UB program and hold meetings on how the student could become more efficient in their studies in order for them to attend the university of their choice. At that time I wasn’t too excited about
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