Letter On Gun Shootings

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I am very frustrated, sad and angry with the latest mass shooting. So I am writing you this letter that is really meant for all gun owners. Please do not take it personally or feel the need that you must respond for gun owners. I am just venting.

Well here we are after another mass shooting. They are happening so frequently they are beginning to blend together. Again our political leaders ask us to pray for the victims and the families. Seems real ironic that we are praying for people who were in a church praying. But now is not the time to talk about gun control or gun issues because we are shocked and saddened. But the frequency is so often that we are not over the shock and sadness of the prior shooting.

Meanwhile Trump says this is not a gun issue but rather a mental health issue. Are you fucking kidding me? 26 people are dead from bullets fired from a gun. It is a gun issue. How did someone with these issues buy any guns?

Then there is the official from Texas who proudly pointed out that the shooter was refused a carry permit. That really helped. What a joke!!

So gun owners, gun dealers and gun store owners don't you think it is time for you to step up and offer solutions to this insane problem? Don't tell me about your second amendment rights. Amendments can be repealed. Remember gun owners represent 36% of the voting population. Beware of what the 64% can do if they get mad enough.

Also don't tell me about needing guns for protection. The
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